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To Whom It May Concern, I am a wife of a disabled veteran, scout sniper; I never realized what a tight knit community it really was until we were hurting in a bad way. After my husband had served his time in the Marines he came home and we were married with a son. His step son but he may as well be his own son because of how much he takes care of him. My husband had a great job we had insurance and our credit was good enough to sign for a new truck because my car was completely broken and we were in need of a second car. One day on his way home from work a drunk driver hit him at a stop light totaling both of their cars. My husband's back has not been the same since. We have been struggling ever since this happened, the driver didn't have the insurance to take care of our medical bills not to mention my husband lost his job and we could no longer afford for him to continue to see his doctor. Things got so bad we both lost our jobs and had to move in with my parents, which is never a good feeling but you do what you have to do especially when a child is involved. Things continued to get worse as our tags expired on both of our cars and we no longer even had gas money to pursue a job to take care of our family. My husband reached out to a few people for help which was very difficult for him to do but a good friend, of his got back to us, he is in charge of the Disposable Heroes Project and he gave us the stepping stone we needed to get back on our feet. I don't know what we would have done without him or the Disposable Heroes Project, it truly saved us. Now my husband was able to repair both our cars and he can enroll back into school where he can get the GI bill to help us get back on our feet until he gets a degree. Thank you Brad McKee and Thank you for The Disposable Heroes Project. Any veteran that thinks you are alone like we did know that you're not. Just reach out to the Disposable Heroes Project; they saved us when we thought we had no hope at all. Sincerely Yours, Paige
Check out Gregory, a wounded vet at Walter Reed Medical Center holding up some gear we got him. We found out he loved DC United so we hooked him up with about $250 worth of gear. 
Check out some troops over seas wearing the DHP shirts. God Bless our Troops
Check out Will, a wounded vet, working out in the DHP shirt. Thanks for your service Will
Fellow Veterans, My name is Brian and I was a Scout/Sniper in the Marine Corps and I completed three combat tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I finished active duty in 2010 at the rank of Sergeant. I am writing this letter to share my story of how the Disposable Heroes Project offered my family and I a helping hand when no one else would. A few years after I left active duty I was hit by a drunk driver on my way home from work. I was hurt badly and was no longer able to work and support my family. The driver who hit me didn't have insurance and the medical bills along with the cost of everyday life eventually led to the loss of our home and my family and I were forced to move in with my wife's parents. I struggled to find another job that would allow me to support my family and our savings completely dried up. Our situation became so dire that I didn't even have the money for gas to continue looking for gainful employment.  I tried to get a loan but my credit was ruined form the medical bills and other debt that resulted from the accident. I felt like there was no way out of this horrible situation until a friend from the Marines reached out to me. His name was Brad Mckee and he and I had been friends and served in the same platoon together for two tours. He is a fellow sniper and also the president of the Disposable Heroes Project. To my amazement he asked what I would need to help get my family through these hard times until I could find a good job and then sent me a check. The money his foundation sent me allowed me to take care of the expired registrations on our cars and gave me the funds that I needed to get my feet back underneath me. I am now starting school again in a week and will have the funds necessary to allow me to buy my books and drive back and forth from school for the first month until the G.I. Bill money and financial aid kicks in. The Disposable Heroes Project fills the void left by other veteran organizations by providing help to vets who need it now. I fully encourage any vet who is in a situation like I was to reach out to this great foundation. They understand the struggles that we face trying to start life over after serving our time. No one who has fought for our great nation should ever have to be stuck in a hopeless situation with no one to turn to. The Disposable Heroes Project is there for that very purpose and they will not let you crash and burn when all you need is a helping hand to get back on your feet. I would like to thank my buddy Brad Mckee and the Disposable Heroes Project once again for helping my family when no one else would. I feel like they gave me another shot at life and it is comforting to know that help is out there should life decide to throw me another curve ball. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please don't ever feel like you are alone just because you are no longer in the service. Respectfully, Brian 
David and I at an event in Boston. We Surprised David with a $6,000 hand peddled bike at this event. 
Double amputee at Walter Reed Medical Center, rocking the DHP long sleeve
Check out Major Burkett sporting the DHP shirt at Walter Reed Medical Center. Also check out his response to us hooking him up with a pair of Gloves.  Mr Brad, good evening. I recently had the pleasure of sharing a table with David, another patient and WRNMMC, in one of the chow halls in the hospital.  Well, last week he rolls up to me after crushing another PT session and asks me if I was an active duty Marine?  Responding in the affirmative, he asks if I was a Major?  Again, I respond in the affirmative.  Then he hands me a pair of gloves from the Disposable Heroes Project and proceeds to tell me about your dedicated cause. I simply wanted to thank you for the gloves and for all you do for the wounded and injured Marines (and Sailors, but mostly Marines).  He knows that I am an aspiring archer and that I have a pretty good shot at making the US Para-Archery Team.  I might have to call on your services in the future.  However, for the time being, THANK YOU for a killer pair of Gloves! Respectfully yours, Richard Burkett Major/USMC  
Most of the other thousands of Non Profits out there were formed by non military groups , with limited to zero military combat experience. They treat the Wounded Warriors like numbers or Cattle !  I was most impressed with your organization, the DHP, because you stood alone out of a ocean of copy cats & wannbes ! I had a one on one experience that I will never forget ! That is why I feel it is a honor to assist you in becoming  a Household name at the Worlds Most prestigious Military Medical Hospital  ! It is fun ; it challenging ; it is intriguing & I am making a whole lot of friends / important connections in the process ! Thank you so Much ! Semper FI David
I would like to express my immense gratitude to Brad McKee and the rest of DH Project. Due to reinjuring an ankle I originally injured while serving in the Marines on my last deployment, I had undergone a major corrective surgery last May which was unsuccessful. I am now about to undergo two more surgeries back to back in the next few months which will make surgery numbers 5 and 6. All these medical problems have prevented me from being able hold down a decent job. Not only from the frequent inability to even walk, but from the severe pain I’m always dealing with. All this has led to me having major financials problems which the VA has not been of any assistance with and has even caused my landlord to provide me with a 5 day eviction notice. Brad caught word of this on a Recon/Sniper Facebook page we are apart of. He asked me for more details about my situation and provided that to the rest of the DH Project crew and they agreed to help without hesitation. Brad quickly overnighted me enough funds to be able to get caught up on my rent and avoid being evicted and possibly homeless just less than a week before my next much needed surgery.   From what I have learned  in the past few days, the DH Project’s generosity, as well as their unwavering dedication and loyalty to not only myself, but many other veterans, has made a huge impact on many of ours and our families lives. No amount of words can express the appreciation for what they have done for me and needless to say will continue to do for other veteran’s in the future, but again, thank you so much for what you have done!   Semper Fi!   SGT/USMC
Beth(sister) and Gary(dad) run the Louisiana Marathon in honor of their son/brother, SSG John Winsper, who died in Dec 2013. They all said John was a big supporter of the DHP. 
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